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Mr. Stork is full of surprises...

"Before deciding to adopt we worried a lot about the birthparents following through with the adoption. In our experience, Marc excelled at assessing the birthparents sincerity towards adoption and working with them in general. We met Julie's birthparents two months after signing up with Marc and she was born 5 months later. Our son's birthmother selected us 10 days before his birth - a surprise."
Sally and Mark B., Livermore, CA

The Divine plan for two please ...

"We have two beautiful sons who joined our lives with the help of Marc Widelock. Marc Widelock is the way to go. Working with Marc and his staff is pleasurable and comforting. They were completely on top of things at all times, informed us of every interaction, were accessible for communication and treated us with dignity and respect. The counseling was invaluable. For us personally, hooking up with Marc Widelock was part of the Divine Plan."
Rachel and David T., Atlanta, GA

The Stork gives guided tours...

"Everyone at Marc Widelock was extremely sensitive and caring about any concerns we had. The idea of open-adoption was at first threatening to us; now, we wouldn't have it any other way. We have such a story of love to share. Adopting our son was the most wonderful, miraculous experience we've ever had and Marc Widelock guided him to us."
Roseellen and Ronald A., Sonoma, CA

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The Stork does it...

"We tried for nearly five years to bring a baby into our home. Fertility clinic, drugs, adoption agencies, etc. Then we found Marc Widelock. They said they would do it, and they did - within one year. What more can we say! We would recommend Marc Widelock to anyone looking to adopt - and we have."
Ken and Marina M., Cherry Hill, NJ

You're in good hands with Mr. Stork...

"I have worked with the firm of Marc Widelock and find their firm to be one of the best. They are caring and concerned with birth parents and adoptive parents alike. I do not hesitate to make referrals to them because I know these persons will be in good hands."
Larry F., LCSW, Bakersfield, CA

The Stork is a dream maker...

"My husband and I had tried to adopt for almost two years... many doors closed to us and our dream of being parents seemed completely out of reach. When we found Marc Widelock they opened those doors. Our daughter Katelyn is a year old now, and she is our whole life. With Marc Widelock you are not just a client with a file number. You are a client with a name, feelings and dreams. Adoption is not a easy task by any means, but Marc Widelock makes the task easier. They help people fulfill their dreams. God bless them."
Richard and RoseMarie B., Tustin, CA

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Age doesn't matter, it's who you know...

"We made the rounds to the foreign agencies, private and public agencies, friends, doctors and clergy. All we seemed to see were obstacles. We had a major age difference, with my husband being twelve years my junior! Then one call paid off. A friend of our Rabbi put us in touch with Marc Widelock. In about nine months we were a family!!! Our birth mom was great as she allowed us to coach her during delivery and witness our son's birth. My husband even got to cut his cord and the nurses handed him directly to me. Marc Widelock ... what great jobs they have, putting families together."
Deborah and Leonard G., Roswell, GA

It can happen fast...

"Our experiences with Marc Widelock have been not only positive, but life-changing! After struggling to adopt for two years, we learned about their adoption services. Our first adoption took only six weeks - then our daughter was home! With our second adoption, we waited only three months for our son. Our questions and concerns were answered during both adoptions, and we, along with our birth families, were treated with respect and genuine concern."
Rose and Jeff C., Tollhouse, CA

When the going gets tough, the Stork gets going! ...

"We had everything 'going against us' - age, prior divorce, and only three years of marriage. Most adoption agencies turned us away. Thanks to information from Associated Press reporter Andy Gallagher, we found Marc Widelock. Within five months of making our first phone call, we were parents of a healthy baby boy."
Elizabeth and Michael W., Charleston, WV

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The Doctor knows best...

"I have had the privilege of working and providing obstetrical care for Marc Widelock. Their office has always been very professional and courteous. My patients (their clients,) have always been well informed and pleased about the adoption process."
Dr. Philipp M. OB/GYN, Bakersfield, CA

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